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T.J. Schwanky and Vanessa Harrop

Mark and Cindy at Select Worldwide Hunting Safaris take all the stress out of booking an overseas hunt plus they represent the best outfitters in the business. We've booked several hunts through them to Africa, New Zealand and Australia and they looked after everything, from our firearm paperwork to helping with flights and they even handle all of the trophy importation, including the secondary treatment required by the CFIA here in Canada.

When we go hunting, we just want to concentrate on the hunt itself and not worry about all the logistics of getting there and back. Mark and Cindy take care of all those worries and we can just enjoy the hunt. If you are looking at booking an overseas hunt, definitely give them a call and if you need help importing your trophies that require CFIA mandated treatment here in Canada, they take all the worry out of that too.



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