Trophy Hunting in New Zealand with Select Worldwide Hunting Safaris

Select World Wide Hunting Safaris offers affordable Hunting Safaris in New Zealand. Unlike most countries, New Zealand has no government imposed hunting seasons for Big Game Hunting, you can book a big game hunting safari from February to August.

Travel Information & Importation of Firearms

You will fly to Auckland, which is your point of entry to New Zealand, it is also where you will clear customs and your guns. New Zealand is a 'hunter friendly' destination, making it easy to bring a conventional sporting firearm into the country. From Auckland you will fly to Queenstown. We suggest you arrive 1-2 days prior to your hunt commencing, so you can adjust to our climate and get over any jet lag you may have.

Species List


Red Stag Hunting in New Zealand

Red Stag

Tahr Hunting in New Zealand


Chamois Hunting in New Zealand


Fallow Deer Hunting in New Zealand

Fallow Deer

Feral Ram Hunting in New Zealand


Goat Hunting in New Zealand


Wild Boar Hunting in New Zealand

Wild Boar

Wapiti (Elk) Hunting in New Zealand

Wapiti (Elk)

Whitetail Hunting in New Zealand


Wallaby Hunting in New Zealand



Suggested Hunting Combinations

  • February: Stag, Wapiti, Fallow, Chamois, Tahr, Boar, Fishing
  • March: Stag, Wapiti, Fallow, Chamois, Tahr, Boar, Waterfowl and Fishing
  • April: Stag, Fallow, Wapiti, Chamois, Tahr, Boar and Fishing
  • May and June: Tahr, Chamois, Stag, Fallow, Wapiti, Boar and Waterfowl
  • July and August: Tahr, Chamois, Stag, Fallow and Boar


For a hunting experience of a lifetime in New Zealand, contact us to book your trip.

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