Hunting White Lion in Southern Africa

The distinctive color of the white lion makes it a particularly prized trophy due to its rarity. As with the African lion, the white lion ensures an exciting hunt. You will feel the adrenaline pump through your veins from the moment the trackers show you the large tracks in the hot soil. The mighty roar will vibrate through your spine, and your heart will stop for a second when you lay eyes on your prize.

Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime when you set out on your white lion hunting safari with Tinashe Outfitters. We provide everything you need to ensure a superior hunting safari, including the guidance of a professional hunter and a team of bushmen trackers and a hunting team to prepare your trophy in the field. With combined experience spanning more than a hundred years, hunting has been in our blood for most of our lives.

The white lion is similar to the African lion in every way but its color. Weighing in at around 400-500 pounds, it stands approximately four feet tall and measures around ten feet from head to tail. The lioness is typically smaller than the male, but makes up for what she lacks in size in viciousness, particularly if she has cubs.

Lions move in packs of a dominant lioness, her dominant male, a few sisters and cups from the various females. The pack will occupy a territory, and they tend to frequent specific hunting grounds. Lions prey on most of South Africa's species.

At night, lions are particularly fearless of man. Their superior night vision give them the competitive advantage over other mammals. Lions will use their retractable claws to trap their prey while biting into the quarry's neck to suffocate it.


The distinctive color of the white lion makes it a particularly prized trophy due to its rarity


Lion Fact Sheet

Scientific Name: Panthera leo krugeri
Male Weight: 190 kg
Female Weight: 130 kg
Male Height: 1.2 m
Female Height: 1.1 m
Speed: 80 km/h


White Lion Hunting Considerations

Experience the thrill of white lion hunting in South Africa, and go home with one of the most prized trophies on any hunter's wishlist. Tinashe Outfitters will prepare you for the white lion safari, and our hunting team will place bait around the area in which the lions typically hunt. We will ensure that it is slightly challenging to give you the best possible opportunity at a successful shot.

Whether you choose a male white lion or lioness, it is crucial that you kill your quarry in one shot. A wounded white lion is an extremely dangerous opponent. It will become unpredictable and highly vindictive, and it has the advantage of speed.

We recommend that you use the highest caliber rifle you can comfortably handle. The lowest legal caliber for white lion hunting in South Africa is .375, but that is not a guarantee that you will kill it in one shot. Consider a good quality Barnes or Swift A-Frame in .30 caliber, or any other small-bore rifle, such as 303 or 256 Mannlicher with expanding bullets.

Shot Placement

The kill-shot is your number one priority when you are on a white lion hunting safari. For that reason, it is crucial to fire only when you are sure that you have a kill-shot lined up.

As a beginner hunter, it's best to stay away from head- or neck shots. Instead, aim for the base of the neck if you are facing the lion head on, or aim at the shoulder if you are facing the broadside.

Always be sure to carefully follow your professional hunter's guidance, and have a backup shot handy in the event that you fail to kill the white lion with your first shot.

Hunting White Lion Shot Placement

White Lion Shot Placement


Hunting White Lion Shot Placement

White Lion Shot Placement


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