Hunting Lion in Southern Africa

Experienced hunters say that you hunt an elephant with your feet, a buffalo with your gut, a leopard with your mind, and a lion with your heart. During your lion hunting safari, your heart will leap three times; first when you see those large tracks on the ground. Hearing that mighty roar will stop you in your tracks, and when you see the King of the Jungle in his full glory, you will experience an adrenaline rush like never before. The Tinashe team consists of a professional hunter, trekkers, and a field team and they will gladly provide you with a lifetime of experience to make your South African lion hunting safari the most exciting yet.

The average big cat weighs approximately 400-500 pounds, with some larger males weighing in at 550 lb (250 kg). A mature lion is approximately four feet tall and measures approximately ten feet from head to tail.  The lioness is typically slightly smaller.

Lions tend to protect their territory, and they frequent certain hunting grounds in pursuit of prey - which includes the majority of South Africa's species. The lioness does most of the hunting, and when she has cubs, she is most vicious.

Mature lions don't have much fear of man, and are extremely bold after sunset, bolstered by the knowledge that they have superior night vision. Their huge retractable claws are used to hold their prey down, while the carnassial shears bite down onto the throat in order to suffocate their quarry.


Mature lions are extremely bold after sunset, bolstered by the knowledge that they have superior night vision


Lion Fact Sheet

Scientific Name: Panthera leo
Lifespan: 10 - 14 years
Weight: Male: 190 kg
Female: 130 kg
Height: Male: 1.2 m
Female: 1.1m
Speed: 80 km/h


Lion Hunting Considerations

Lion hunting in South Africa offers a thrilling once-in-a-lifetime experience, which will add a prized trophy to your collection. Both the male lion and lioness offer an exciting hunting safari.

Tinashe Outfitters will place bait where it's too low for hyenas to reach, and just high enough to make it slightly challenging for the lions to enjoy.

It's crucial to kill a lion in one shot. An ambushed predator is vindictive and highly unpredictable and a nimble male can cover a distance of 100 yards in under 4 seconds (80 km/h). The lawful caliber for lion hunting in most African countries, is a minimum of .375. However, it's not always guaranteed that one shot with a .375 will kill your quarry. 

We therefore suggest that you use the largest caliber double rifle with which you are most comfortable for lion hunting in South Africa. A high quality soft (Barnes or Swift A-Frame) in a .30 caliber is most suited to both leopard and lion hunting. Small-bore rifles (303 or 256 Mannlicher) with expanding bullets are also suitable.

Shot Placement

When it comes to lion hunting, the kill-shot should be your aim. Don't fire that shot until you are sure that it will kill your quarry.

Head and neck shots are risky for inexperienced hunters. Facing the broadside of the lion, aim at the shoulder, or if it is facing you head-on, shoot at the base of the neck.

Always be sure to carefully follow your professional hunter's guidance, and have a backup shot handy in the event that you fail to kill with your first shot.

Hunting Lion Shot Placement

Lion Shot Placement


Hunting Lion in Southern Africa

Lion Shot Placement


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